• Welcome to the City Report portal and community.
City Report is a reporting app. Here you can mark risky areas of your city and share with millions of people around the world. You can also tag a police officer so that in case of risk you know where to find the nearest authority.
In a report app. We know the real importance of anonymity for our users. therefore, the use of anonymous login for all users.

  1. If your location is not updated we ask you to click the bookmark button on the application taskbar
    The. You will also receive marker notifications near you within a radius of 1km you will always be notified. To do this just leave the app in the background.

• Risk Area This category is so that you can mark risk areas of your city so that the entire community is notified upon entering a hazardous area. This helps all new people in the city to walk safely by being informed on their cell phone with potential risk areas.

• POLICE This category is critical in a reporting application with this category so if you enter a risk area you may find the nearest law enforcement agency for you to ask for help.

• PET has lost your pet we also have the PET category so you can mark the last place your pet was seen and share with the whole community so when a person passes near your marker you will be notified and may find your PET

• Missing Person a relative or friend of yours is missing you can mark him on the map with the last location he was seen so that anyone passing by will be notified and see your post.

City Report has the following marker categories.
⚫️☑️Risk area
⚫️☑️Missing person
⚫️☑️PET – Missing Animal

Join this growing community by making your city safer by informing locals and sharing with your friends.

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